“I hired Jennifer to write a customized blog post on behalf of my organization. Working with Jennifer was an exceptionally pleasant and rewarding experience. She was able to take a complicated topic and write an effective and valuable post for her readers on The People Equation blog. Jennifer does a beautiful job providing value to both her readers and the clients for whom she writes. Overall it was great experience.”

—Bill Hall, Vice President Learning and Development, Simulation Studios

“Jennifer’s passion for business writing is obvious. Her articles are consistently well-researched and reported, and her writing is engaging and smart. Each sentence is carefully crafted so it resonates with the target audience. That she manages to work this magic without missing a deadline is no small feat. In short, she’s an editor’s dream.”

—Bonnie Vengrow, Editor, Movable Media

“I work with a lot of providers and vendors, and it’s very refreshing to work with someone who is conscientious, on time, and organized. Thank you!”

—Barbara Sanner, Vice President Marketing, Complete Marketing Solutions

“Jennifer takes the time to understand exactly what we need so even her first drafts are excellent, which saves time and makes my job easier. She easily meets or beats deadlines because she’s organized and prepared. Readers follow her work because it’s thoughtful, research based, and adds to the conversation. Jennifer’s definitely on our short list for more projects!”

—Angela Meek, Managing Editor, Movable Media

“Jennifer understands workplace trends and the skills and philosophies employees and management need to be successful both now and in the future. She does a phenomenal job of translating these concepts to her writing. She has a knack for breaking down complex data into the messages most relevant for her readers while also telling engaging stories that will help all parties stay ahead of their competition. We enjoy working with Jennifer because we are confident she will deliver insightful, well-researched features on time and at high quality.”

—Gail Ferro, Senior Director, Marketing and Public Relations, Spherion Staffing Services

“Jennifer is a great writer – she consistently demonstrates her knowledge in the field of Human Resources not only professionally, but also eloquently. She’s taken on many challenges in the time I’ve worked with her, and always with patience, understanding, and even enthusiasm. It’s been my absolute pleasure to work with Jennifer – she is one of the most encouraging coworkers that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing!”

—Liza Lankford, Editor Operations Analyst, Answers.com